Our very own AADI Design Studio - Space for two

Area: 150 sq.ft. Budget: Rs.70,000

Interiors & Furniture. August 2019


Nestled in the hubbub of the city, the 150 sq.ft. office for AADI Design, offers a respite of green with panoramic views of the city. This office located within other office is truly a nest, perched atop on the fourth floor, once serving as a terrace, now converted into a cozy workspace for 2. 

With a humble material palette of polished plywood and draped with bamboo chic curtains, the interior tries to blend with the environs of the outside. A dash of green used to accentuate storage and display alludes to the hues of Verde which surround the windows. The bamboo curtains allow filtered daylight and green glimpses through the windows, while keeping the interiors cool and fragrant. 

This compact workspace arranged around an island of workspace, has been effectively divided into 4 areas of interest along which different activities take place. This makes the space active for both work and play. 

The breakfast nook along with its bench allows for morning discussions over coffee. The workspace with two workstations back to back offer privacy for work and facilitate discussion. The rest of the table, remains free for face to face discussion, an ideal place to ‘ideate’ and brainstorm. On the opposite end of the breakfast nook is defined space, that holds the entry and acts as a quick in-between-work stretching corner for the designer duo. 

Aadi Design PLAN.jpg