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That Hipster Cafe

Area: 200 sq.ft.

Architecture & Interiors. November 2019

Cool Calories Cafe Architecture & Interiors by AADI Design Studio Pune - 01 .jpg

Housed in a shed, this quaint juice pressery was envisaged to both blend and stand out in it’s neighbouring industrial and hip cafe surrounds.

A reminiscent of the mid 20th century, the new cafeteria stands in what was once a store room of the adjoining milling factory. The intent was to not deface or cover the original structure in any way, retaining its authenticity as a humble resident of a large industrial complex, much like the juicery itself. While the original architecture and structure is retained, only a single wall , at the rear end was refurbished to accommodate the needs of the pressery.

Designed to be space for ‘fit fast food’ the juicery’s aesthetics are steered to make an impression in a matter of a few minutes. Alluding to orchards and gardens, the ‘Slurp Station’ invites its visitors to partake in a small picnic on the go! Serving authentic fresh pressed juice, the juice shop is designed as a quick pt stop, with little to no seating and super fast service. 

This ‘food’ place is like no other, encouraging its customers to stand and be on the move. The unique approach also helps the Slurp Station use its in-house place economically and efficiently, catering to a large crowd during peak hours. 

Cool Calories Cafe Architecture & Interiors by AADI Design Studio Pune - 02.jpg

More visuals coming soon..

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