Institutional Architecture for a Montessori

Area: 9650 sq.ft.

Architecture & Interiors. June 2020

In a rare instance of brief and function, the design demanded literal playfulness. The 9650 sq.ft of Montessori is a ground plus two floor structure of fun and frolic. Serviced by a winding staircase and a slide in the centre, the levels within the building are connected by bridges along with the circulation spine. Located on a very lush patch of land, the pre-school boasts of large yards that frame the building. 

Although bold in its presence, the building is fitted with sliding gates that disappear thus making the entire floor a part of the playground.

The interiors of the building are lit by large skylight which provides diffused lighting through the day thus minimizing the need of windows and the hazards thereof. 

The choice of materials is informed by the activity and the context. The building is cladding is mostly natural wood, topped by sliding doors at the bottom and a beam at the top. 

When the doors of the school are open, the structure looks like a floating cloud amidst the thicket.

20200731_MONTE INT-01.jpg
20200708_facade MONTE int2.jpg
Demo_facade MONTE int2.65 copy.jpg
20200609_facade MONTE  extr1.jpg